Seraph ID is a set of tools that can be used by dApps developers and users to leverage Self-Sovereign identity capabilities. It relies on the W3C standards providing DID and verifiable claims functionalities.


dApps User

Self-Sovereign identity allows users to be in control of their own data and decide what to share and to whom. Seraph ID provides a build reference for an user wallet that each one can use to store and manage their credentials.

dApps Developer

Seraph ID is providing libraries and smart contract templates that can be used to enable SSI capabilities on each dApps. dApps developers are also encouraged to get involved in the project and propose improvement on the Seraph ID framework.


Available Components

Smart contract template for credential issuers

Libraries for building up Issuer and Verifier dedicated UI

Libraries for developing Identity owner wallets

Smart contract template for the "Root of Trust" manager

NEO DID definition

A demo with an implementation reference


Join us!

Contact: contact@neo.org

Contact: blockchain@swisscom.com